iTunesU Courses

iTunesU is the learning management system I use for my classroom. There are many benefits that come along with using iTunesU such as the 20GB of free space, the ability to download videos for offline viewing, and access to hundreds of thousands of other courses and content for use within my own course.

What resonates most strongly with me about iTunesU is the fact that all these educational resources are freely available for others to access and learn. I won’t lay claims to being the worlds best math teacher or instructional technology specialist. But that’s not the point. In my mind sharing information, sharing knowledge, and helping others along the path to understanding is a far greater purpose to share content than being the best at explaining and packaging it. The thought that I might be able to help learners beyond the walls of my own school is giving me an additional purpose to keep sharing. Besides that haven’t you always wanted your stuff in the iTunes store?

Here are the courses I’ve created (so far) on iTunesU:

iTunesiTunes 2iTunes 4  iTunes 3


iTunes 5  iTunes 6


Here are a few more courses that I did not create but had the privilege of contributing to.

iTunes   iTunes 2