iBooks Author

I am a huge fan of iBooks Author and the potential it holds for true mobile learning. It’s a bit of an oxymoron these files are called ibooks. iBooks, or multi-touch books as Apple likes to call them, only resemble textbooks in their structure: chapters include sections, sections include pages, pages can contain text and images.

However, iBooks are so much more than just static textbooks. iBooks posses the potential to be the pinnacle of mobile, interactive, learning experiences that reach across different learning modalities and meets a variety of learning styles.  Below are a few of the iBooks I have created for my students in my high school geometry course.

Tap the titles to download the .ibook file. Note files require iBooks to be installed on either iPad or Mac OSX. Second note, these files are linked from Google Drive. When you select a link you most likely will see a file with various resources. Ignore those linked files and click the download arrow ↓ at the top of the page.

 Properties of Triangles- High School Geometry  90MB download


Similarity – High School Geometry  – download from iBook Store


Geometric Transformations and Design – High School Geometry 120MB download.


Circles – High School Geometry 90MB download (note: only half finished with this one)


Foundations of Geometry – High School Geometry 110MB download.


 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines – High School Geometry 200MB download.