This past week the StoryPress app hit Apple’s app store. This is a free app teachers andiTunes students will love using to create digital stories and presentations. Download StoryPress here.

Quick look: Add images, videos, and audio to written prompts to create a digital presentation.

Pros: Simple to use, web and iOS version, customizable templates, seemingly unlimited length, free. I was even able to upload a 25 second video from a Go Pro camera- probably 58MB’s in size.

Cons: Students need to create an account to use.

Video Overview:


Review:  StoryPress gives the user the ability to respond to written prompts with audio, video, and photos. You can imagine students creating a presentation that chronicles a historical event overlaying their audio clips to images that they uploaded from Getty images or

Science students go use StoryPress to report out on field trip to the wetlands. Capturing pictures directly from within the app or their camera roll. Students could use annotation apps such as Skitch to further markup their photos prior to bringing them into StoryPress.

Math students could create a sequence of steps needed to solve complex problems, giving both auditory and visual response to each step. Better yet, students can mash up several videos they’ve captured to their camera roll or exported from Explain Everything and insert these videos into StoryPress to show step by step procedures they’ve used for solving a particular problem.

StoryPress possess lots of potential for the creative educator looking to create digital stories with their students. Above all it is easy to use making it friendly for any age student. However, the one drawback in this regard is that students need to create their own account. A student friendly version of StoryPress in which teachers could create student accounts (for elementary age students) would be a nice addition in the future.

 Recommendation: You bet! At this price (free) you can’t beat it. Lots of potential uses for this digital storytelling app in every classroom! Enjoy.

Just for fun you can view the StoryPress’s that I demonstrated making in the video above by clicking here or clicking here. 




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