Is learning a game?

I really found this short video to be quite intriguing. It caused me to think about the deep level of complexity that video games offer students in contrast to the simple single dimensional questions I ask my students to consider and solve in my algebra and geometry classes.
I wonder why I get blank stares and silence sometimes. I thought it was their disinterest in the topic or maybe the question was too difficult. Rather, this video makes me believe it simply is not the way they wish to engage and display mastery.
So, I am curious how to transform learning to make it resemble a multi-dimensional highly engaging video game experience in which students seek to master each level. I don’t think that means math lessons entail playing Call of Geometry or Halo Slope. These games may hold a students interest for a small time but in the end I just can’t see them educating students about the properties of polygons and slopes of lines. Mastering these games doesn’t equate to mastery of this content and the ability to apply that knowledge.
What do you think? How do we engage students? How do we teach the gamer generation?

Watch the full episode. See more Digital Media – New Learners Of The 21st Century.

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