Why status grow?

I will never forget a sermon my pastor once gave on status quo. Simply put status quo is the arch-enemy of status grow. At the root of status quo lies complacency. It emits the idea that there is no room to improve, no area of growth, nothing left to learn, and what is, is good enough. Furthermore, when we as believers, educators, administrators, parents, students, teammates, or community members buy into and abide by the status quo we chain ourselves and those in our circle of influence to an unmovable post. We stunt growth, we inhibit improvement, we give in to the status quo and we give up our journey of life long learning.

In their journal article The naked truth of 1 to 1 initiatives, Mark Weston and Alan Bain say educational reformers point out failed 1 to 1 initiatives as a way of protecting the educational status quo. These “techno-critics” blame the innovation (1:1 initiatives) and claim these massive efforts are not worth it.
Let’s face it, education is in need of some help. The status quo simply has not worked and it stands in the way of true growth. My friend Kip posted the following on his blog the other day and it really sums it up well:
“Without hesitation Mike replied, “constructivism is a student-centered approach to learning. The teaching profession is and has been teacher-centered. That’s the status quo. Changing the status quo is difficult.”

So, here we stand at the brink of a 1 to 1 initiative. Before us lies a fork in the road. One way points towards status quo the other says status grow. As a teacher, I can chose to limit the use of student devices. I can I continue to have learning center around me as a teacher and what I deliver to students. I can require paper, pencil, a graphing calculator, and that blasted 6 pound 900 page text book. But I hope this is not my story.

Rather, I hope I can find meaningful ways to integrate technology. I hope learning shifts from being centered around what I deliver to being centered around what students want to know. I hope learning becomes constructive, and not only constructive but meaningful and relevant. I hope students are awed and amazed by what they learn and how they can learn given the tools to do so.

That might be a lot to hope for. But, life is a journey of growth. And this blog is a journey of these hopes. This is a story of that.

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