My place to share mud pies and sand castles.


Welcome to the space I like to call my sandbox. The best thing about playing in sand is that no matter what you make you merely have to run your fingers back over it to erase what you created and start over again. For me that is a comforting thought.

There are times in my life when I succeed and the result looks like a majestic sand castle. One that I could never have built alone (and for the most part did not) one that looks like it could stand the forces of the rising tide, one that any kid would dream of sculpting on a sandy beach.

Then, there are those times when what I created resembles a pile of poop. You know what I mean. It’s those times when you just add water to sand and expect something other than a mud pie to come out of it. It causes you to stand back and ask yourself ‘what the heck was I thinking?’. Perhaps you’ve had a few of those as well? If we’re honest we all do. And once again, this is a comforting thought.

So, I am not sure how you found your way to my sandbox but this is a place where I share both my sand castles and mud pies.

I welcome you to come in and play. I always tell my kids that things are better when you have someone to share them with. This sandbox has lots of toys to play with, many fun experiences, and lots of stories of success and failure. I welcome you to read, download, comment back (as long as you ‘play nice’) offer suggestions, learn and share. As for me, I am still learning, and I’m the kind of person that thinks learning is one of those things that is better when it’s shared with others.

The content on this blog is shared freely with a creative commons license